Stressed young man having a cookies at night. Unhappy tired depressed person eating during nighttime. Insomnia

Binge eating

Binge eating is something so normal to me it only recently came to my attention that I suffer from it. It is probably the main reason why I decided I would not chase diets because I knew I could never stick to one.

I have always been a binge eater and the main reason I didn’t realise it was an issue is because I have never suffered with my weight because of it. I have recently come across groups of people that do suffer and I am full of ideas of how I could help them but then realised that I may sound condescending or rude to people who do struggle with their weight.

So I started this page to pull together knowledge that coulld help anyone struggling with binge eating. the articles I have written.

I have yet to find a place for the snippets below.

  1. food addiction linked to obesity
  2. Horizon: The truth about exercise. Brilliant episode: In line with everything I believe. Much of his research is from Loughborough. Shows that 3 mins High intensity Training per week has major health benefits, and that just being active in general is most important. Common theory is being challenged. It’s easier than we thought to get fit. High intensity exercise and can 3 minutes of exercise a week help make you fit