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Injury: Correcting impaired cells

The pressures of life make us and they break us


Injury is unfortunately a normal fact of life. Some are obvious to us like a sprained ankle and others less obvious like damage you cannot see or feel such as to the cell walls lining your arteries. Even disease is technically a form of injury.

therefore it is worth learning some general skills and habits to prevent and treat common injuries and you will be surprised how easy many of these things are. Like any other skill understanding injuries can seem daunting at first but it gets easier with time and practice.

This is not a medical site so I will not be going deep into all kinds of injuries and nothing here replaces medical advice. It is simply information about how common injuries occur and ways to prevent them and even provide basic care if necessary. Where medical attention is required then seek it and follow the given advice.

All of us face an injury at some point

This post explores the very concept driving this site.

Exercise challenges the body ensuring it fixes incorrectly functioning cells and processes.

All my training has shown this to be true. When I put it into practice I get the results I would expect. Yet I find that few people have had this training and so they don’t understand how much it could help them. So of course I share as best I can.

Building on the article ‘Get busy living or get busy dying’ I can now go through some of the articles I’ve found that demonstrate the impact of exercise and daily challenges on health.

The concept is that activity directly protects against injury and disease. My degree showed it teaches your body to deal with sugar, preventing diabetes and it’s side effects like heart disease. It strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system. Reducing the chance of a heart attack and reducing the impact if one occurs. It strengthens bones. Reducing or preventing osteoporosis.

That’s what my degree taught me. But it doesn’t end there. Here are a few articles that start this discussion. I have collected them over time and finally found the easiest way to share them.

Micro injuries

There are also numerous injuries we all incur daily but they’re too small for us to notice. Tiny tears in our blood vessels from sugar or insulin attacks. Micro tears in tendons and muscles from the daily grind. For some these injuries heal properly. For others they don’t and end up causing serious injuries like heart attacks and muscle pulls and tendon problems. Unfortunately there’s no real support out there to tell us whether we’re in the healed group or the potential injury group let alone what to do to correct it. We just generally have to make our own best guess from the thousands of options we’re presented with.

In time I can share the rest of the research I have found. Including

  • Alzheimers,
  • Removing tainted cells from the body,
  • Exercise preventing high blood pressure by teaching your body to deal with salt.

Further references