The Fit2Thrive process: An introduction

Putting theory into practice

This short course introduces newcomers to how the Fit2Thrive process works to understand your human nature by exploring the wonder of your cells and organs and everything else that makes up you and the life that you live.

It will take you through the basic process of having better holidays by learning about basic everyday processes that our cells do to support our lives and the activities that make them up.

It's about life well lived, starting from the most essential aspects of life, which are cells and the critical biological principle that all life depends on to bring order and balance, better known as "Homeostasis".

You will work through the Weymouth holiday series to learn how to apply Fit2Thrive principles to make the best of various situations. You will see how beginner, intermediate and advanced learners can all benefit from the same situation, as there is always something to learn. You will learn how to use the basic Fit2Thrive framework to break down each situation and understand the underlying principles at work.

  • Level 1: Maintaining balance over time
  • Level 2: Build on level 1. Learn how cells maintain their balance over time
  • Level 3: Understand the pressures life exerts on cells and fun ways to exert the correct pressures to help your cells maintain balance over time
Lifestyle intro Form (#5)

Weymouth in 2015 was the best holiday ever, here's why

We had everything we needed

The small things that we did every day made the big things easier.

Lifestyle intro Form (#5)


Expand your mind

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Expand your horizons

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Levels of complexity

Levels of Theory

Find your balance

    1. Balance: All life exists by maintaining its internal environment against internal and external pressures. Solving a problem begins by understanding what is affecting the overall balance and how to correct it.
    2. Cells:  Building on the understanding of balance. We are made of trillions of cells all maintaining their internal environment while working with other cells to regulate their external environment. Understanding this complex dynamic is harder and takes longer but leads to bigger longer lasting changes.
    3. Pressure: The most complicated level linking balance, cells and the entire ecosystem together. We consider the pressures of all the competing demands on your time and resources.

Levels of Practice

Take a moment

    1. Time: in understanding our own potential and pursuing our best life, it is essential to understand the complexity of a moment and how much is going on. Then create moments in each day where you restore your balance and grow in some way.
    2. Learn: Life is a journey of lessons. Experiment regularly, you will never know it all but every moment can teach you something so you can know more today than you did yesterday.
    3. Fun:   Enjoy what you do because we do not repeat things we do not enjoy and when you are happy you can overcome any challenge.

Living a life that builds us

Lifestyle intro Form (#5)

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When there is so much to do?

Level up

Hunt and gather in modern life

Learning to hunt and gather to build natural ancestoral strength in a modern environment


Enjoying lifes moments

The memories we have of this holiday came from making the best of the time we had.

Level 1 Theory


  1. A change is as good as a rest
  2. Get your energy back
  3. Explore your environment
  4. Life is draining
  5. Find activities that restore you

Level 1 Practice


  1. Let the situation do the work
  2. Signals to grow
  3. Allowing blood and nutrients to flow
  4. Thousands of chemical reactions
  5. Value of gentle movements

Level 2 Theory


  1. Rest days bring balance
  2. We require gentle movement
  3. Hidden benefits of regular movement
  4. Finding the Olympic rings
  5. Kids are close to nature

Level 2 Practice


  1. Don't miss out
  2. Learn about the world
  3. Discover epic finds
  4. Different ways to experience life
  5. Enjoy the view

Level 3 Theory


  1. Cells are complex
  2. Cells find balance through homeostasis
  3. You contain trillions of cells
  4. Life puts cells out of balance
  5. The right activities balance your cells

Level 3 Practice


  1. Happiness is good for your health
  2. You stick with things you enjoy
  3. The beauty of an evening stroll
  4. Fond memories
  5. The Rodwell trail

Live a Fit2Thrive lifestyle

All other approaches to lifestyle ignore who you are and the life you have.

So they cannot get you where you want to be with what you have. 

Fit2Thrive does

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