Exercise done right has so many benefits to the human organism it is impossible to list them all in one page. Unfortunately, the word exercise has come to mean so many things that it is not really clear what exercise is and what it is not.

The word exercise has also become divisive to many which is a shame because in reality it is just like food in that we require food to live and without it our lives suffer. Yet there are so many types of exercise and ways of exercising that, like food, It is easy to get confused about what is good for you, or bad for you, at any one time.

So in this topic, I wanted to explore exercise in its own right to clarify some things but also show how complex this topic is. So that just like food, it becomes something that you explore and learn about throughout your life as you learn how to exercise well with good habits.

Exercise as medicine

Exercise is medicine when carried out as nature intended.Evolution is a truly amazing force because the it has made our natural habits into activities that nourish us. Take walking for example, this is such a simple natural act that we take it for granted but without. For example In Holiday adventures in Weymouth (Day 2) I explain how our bones adapt to movements such as walking but getting stronger and even changing shape to better adapt to the loads placed on them. In this way our organism as a whole listens to and responds to our actions and ends up working like medicine to keep us strong.

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