The brain is just the most fascinating thing in the world, at least it is to me. Carl Sagan famously said that humans are a way for the universe to know itself and I take this view even further to say that each individual is in their own universe.

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”

― Carl Sagan

At first that view will challenge you but think about it for a second and you will accept that no one else can ever have quite the same perspective of the world as you because you alone occupy the physical space and time that you do. Even twins cannot occupy the same space, have the same children or life partner so, no matter what, you have a unique perspective and your consciousness is yours alone.

That is heavy stuff but it is also true and has a profound effect on the way I see and understand our brains because you can also take this logic further and see that the way that you view the world influences your understanding of it. This is the basis of the study of perception and learning about this topic fundamentally changed the way I understood my relationship to the world around me.

Further reading

In time I will explore this topic and expand on the many insights I have stumbled across but for now I will link to the many articles strewn across this blog that relate to the brain and its amazing abilities.