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So I’ve always felt at a loss to find people interested in PE because I didn’t follow that path after university. I ended up in software instead but with a burning urge to share what I learnt during my degree. In fact the dream has always been to apply and use what I learnt later on. I just decided to learn how to pay the bills first.

Now it’s later on and I want to find those discussions and catch up. I have learnt so much and gained so many skills. Instead of talking about computer code and hardware all day and building tools for generic solutions all day. I want to discuss human code and build tools to help people be more active and other tools to help them learn why they need to be active.

We move so little these days because everything is designed to stop us moving. The tide is changing and people are waking up to the requirements of our hunter gatherer makeup, we are built to move and if we don’t we don’t work properly. Our health suffers. PE people are likely to be well aware of this but also have the training to do something about it.

I’m probably not the only person looking for these discussions so I thought I’d share the results as I go. I’m not sure of the format this will take. The proper form should present itself over time. For now it’s just about finding people and places where the conversations and ideas I’m interested in are present.

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