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Fit the learning style to the individual. How to use a semicolon – The Oatmeal

I am a big believer in fitting the message to the person you are trying to connect with. This very much informs my philosophy on teaching. So I like to use play as much as I can. Put a student in a place where they are playing with a subject or skill and they will push their boundaries without realising.

The learning is less conscious and more automatic. Done well, both student and teacher enjoy the experience with the teacher being a guide and facilitator. The experience isn’t overtly about learning and feels quite natural.

So I came across this guide to the English language from one of my favourite comics The Oatmeal. It specifically focuses on punctuation and How to use a semicolon. It reminds me what good teaching. You can be pedantic, have real attention to detail and still make people laugh and learn.


This makes me want to learn about the semi colon and inspires me as a teacher. Reminds me just how much fun it can be to learn.

Thought you might like it. It’s also a reason to ask the question. What have you learnt through play and entertainment? I can think of so much. How about you.

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