Head up display for Android phones

You’ve guessed it. Now I have an Android phone, every other post is gonna be about it. That’s just life I’m afraid. It’s also cos I think it’s going to be a very innovative platform that brings us truly into the 21st century. The iPhone is brilliant but, for me, not innovative enough because it’s too tied down.

I just got a glimpse of a kind of head up display for Android phones that’s now available in Holland. I’ve heard about it for a while. What you can do is switch to camera mode and point your phone at a shop, bar or similar. You’ll see details about the venue you’re looking at such as the price of beer, contact details, opening hours etc.

That trial is only available in Holland but I’ve also heard about a similar approach being used at Wimbledon this year offering info about a court when your point you phone at it. You can find out who’s playing. The score. whoi’s playing next. Check out the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VZoDmqcZ34

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