What’s coming for mobile networks?

I just heard that Huawei and TeliaSonera have acheived the world’ s first LTE mobile broadband connection. That’s great news. I’ve been wondering what is in the works but wasn’t too clear. Apparently this is the 4g network solution to surpass the current 3g versions.

Anywho I thought I’d read a little about it. I Googled and found a definition and also that it’s not the only next generation wireless network solution. Wi-Max is in the frame too. Ok, I’ve known about Wi-Max for a while but didn’t realise that it was a technology that could be rolled out across vast networks. I found someone arguing that Wi-Max is the open version to the LTE closed version which I find an interesting point. It’s fascinating to see that, repeatedly, in just about all markets there are competing closed and open solutions.
As the technology improves the problems with closed solutions seem to become more apparent. Network speed and bandwidth are set to be the big problems of the future in the online world. How long will it be before the open solutions win enough votes where it matters?

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