Effective Delegation: key to any form of success

Delegation: that’s something that is key to completing any project. Just thought I’d brainstorm a little about what I need when some one delegates something to me and what I also try to give those who I delegate to. It’s key if you need to collaborate with others in any particular way. 

If you can’t do something yourself and have to pass it on to someone else or a group for any reason e.g.:

  • enlist a supplier
  • pass to a colleague
  • pass to your spouse

You’ve got to remember that you’re basically asking them to do something you want, in the way you want it done i.e. not their way, and to your standards not theirs.

Basically they need to get inside your head. That either implies a brain dump or a process in which a mini standardised brain dump occurs.

This implies a tool set and a process needs to be in place so that both you and the delegate understand things and collaborate well.

This has been relevant throughout my career and through most of my life. I’m always relying on others. so isn’t it better to get good at this and build it into my life both work and personal.

Isn’t it also a key part of any project. Software or other. A common pattern that one coordinator must delegate things to others. All work must be well coordinated so that when it’s plugged back into the whole it merges effectively without much or any hassle.

I believe it’s possible and just small and regular processes and use of key tools can make this happen.

This is like a plan with change control process. It can change but clear identification of which is the current signed  and agreed plan and which is the latest unsigned draft.

Common agreed ways of working. You can work any way you want but if you want me involved and my sign off then I support these formats, protocols process etc.

Benefits. Everyone knows what’s happening and can find out in their time. They don’t have to catch people at the right time. More data is available than otherwise and tools are available to make the data sensible to you.

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