is intermittent fasting a version of training?

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Following a thread about intermittent fasting I liked the following comment I read

Using IF (intermittent fasting) is not about extended fasts…’s about breaks here and there while still getting in food (quality). Think of it as just compressed eating windows on some days, still focus on getting foods and not just going without anything. If you think fasting is just a quick way to lose weight and do it too much, then yes….the weight comes back. If you do it slow and steady and eat right, you will lose the fat and keep it off. Refer to the IF 101 post on how to go about it (link below) but just remember it’s “Intermittent” Fasting and not extended or excessive fasting we talk about here for the most part.

I haven’t looked that far into intermittent fasting but what I have read leans toward the idea of training the body to deal with limited resources and all the benefits seem to be linked to this. Thus it’s similar in some respects to physical activity and training for sports in that the resources of the body suddenly become scarce and the adaptations that follow are about dealing with this. 

The health benefits seem to come from our bodies being less wasteful and more proactive about dealing with the challenges they face.

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