What do I want? How do I get it?

When I left Uni I wanted a career in the health industry but at the time I learnt that these were hard to come by. Most people left the industry in their late twenties or early thirties because they’d reached as far as they could. They took their skills to other industries where they could go further. That coupled with low wages and poor hours made me think I’d hold out a while and maybe come back in when I’m more experienced.

With thatin mind I thought it’d be useful to learn a different trade to ‘fall back on’ and also so I could actually see what it’s like on the other side. I found that when you’re living and breathing health and fitness you don’t always have experience of what it’s like for the guys you’re advising. At the time I had never worked as a manager with meetings all day and little chance to control my diet or exercise until outside work hours. I also hadn’t commuted to work so I was always able to fit in the gym or a bit of tennis. I wasn’t so understanding of the need to just get home and veg out. So I thought I should see this world for myself.

So I temped for a while until I found a job in it support and things went from there. That was about 8 years ago. Right now I’m a software developer managing several projects. I’ve learned heck of a lot abut myself, about business and about getting things done. That’s probably the most useful and relevant skill. Doing project work for other people is about finding out what they want and delivering it when they want it. The principles I’ve learnt are what I put into my health plan and I’m becoming pretty successful at it.

What do I want?

  1. look gorgeous – not that bothered, I would like it but it’s not that crucial. In truth I want to be gorgeous to my wife not any one else. I’ve been quite skinny recently while perfecting my weight loss approach but she doesn’t like it and to be honest neither do I. She’s got some picture of my shortly after we met and we both like those best so I’m happy to take one for the team, eat a little more and fill out a little. I know, I know I’m always sacrificng myself.
  2. happiness: This is a priority. just wake up each day and be happy. Tough to achieve but worth it. I’m think life is short and you only get one short. Those that believe in reincarnation can try again. I don’t so I can’t. Every day I’m not happy is a waste to me so let’s get it sorted.
  3. Live long: That would be great but I cannot be sure what my genes allow and life doesn’t always work out that way.
  4. Live well: This one I can do more about. For each year of life I have I want to be able to live it to the max. At age 70 I’m not expecting to run a marathon in 2.5 hours but to run one in 4-5 ours is possible and is my aim. Also climb stairs, play catch. There are millions of senior people still doing what they want not just what they can and I want to be part of that

How do I do it?
So how am I going about this mammoth task?

  1. Set everything up so you keep succeeding. Success breeds success. Failure breeds failure. learn to set goals well. Be honest about how much time, motivation and skill you have and set appropriate goals. Build yourself up over time and you’ll be amazed at what you achieve over a short period.
  2. learn to make choices that add to your life. For example while reducing the quantity of what you eat increase the quality including flavour, texture and nutrients. Then you’ll be feeding your mind body and soul together. this’ll make you happier so you’ll want to do it more. But don’t expect too much. Be happy with a few changes in a month and just bed them in.
  3. Make small changes often. It’s comon to overwhelm yourself with change thinking that to achieve large goals you must make huge changes. I’ve learnt that to deliver big projects on time and budget I actually just
    1. get clear about whatis required.
    2. research the area regularly. Focussing on clear concepts. don’t get too focused on how it’ll get done e.g specific diets, exercises etc. Care more about the general principles in a holistic fashion. What stresses you/relaxes you. What adds to your life what takes away. When you have achieved things before what worked and didn’t work and what is appropriate for now
    3. plan well and early.
    4. expect regular small changes
    5. review things regularly and be prepared to adjust if required. Only rarely do I make major changes though unless I really started out on the wrong track or if there’s been a big change in my life or circumstances.

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