Toni Nadal Previews Roger v Rafa – 2014 Australian Open

Just had to record this interview. I haven’t seen many interviews from Toni. I’m fascinated given how much I’ve heard because I want to form my own opinion.

I find Tonis emphasis on left handed play as a weapon interesting. For decades I’ve heard of the idea that left handers have an advantage over right handers for some reason.

Lots of reasons have been given and I find it fascinating that none of them actually stand up. Instead I find Rafa wins because he tries to out think and not outplay Roger. Rafa always makes sure he only gives Roger shots that he likes as bait to open up a weakness and never lets Roger know when this might happen. Constantly keeping the Swiss guessing.

In terms of spin and angles I think a good quality single handed backhand could achieve the same effect but only as part of a whole package. The kind of package that Rafa and Roger have. No real weaknesses.

A fascinating interview. Toni knows what he is doing, that is for sure.

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