Australian Open: Quartfinal preview Dominika Cibulkova v Simona Halep

A great win for Cibu against Maria. Really happy for her to make the quarters. She is a real fighter in the Errani mould. Early on I thought I saw some different tactics than usual Cibu but I was wrong. That tells me it’s the same Cibulkova with great form but nothing new.

Dominika also plays very much like Maria. Hit hard and if you’re not winning hit harder. Dominika plays with more topspin but that’s about all she has. In the quarters though she will meet Halep. A rising star but where Dominika wins with power Halep has more variation.

I don’t see much between the two. I would pick Halep mainly because she is very much on the rise and has more options. Dominika may be less overawed by the situation but she doesn’t have anywhere else to go if her A game doesn’t work.

I don’t see her out running or out defending Halep and mentally I think Simona has the edge. Either way I like having new faces in the later stages. The womens game is really good for that.

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