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A lifestyle that heals

This is my search for a lifestyle that heals you. Currently our lifestyle often hurts us. I don’t want my life to be about money so I don’t chase it. I want it to be about enjoying good health, enjoying hobbies, enjoying the world and the time I’m given.

As I see it you get good at what you do regularly and so the start of this journey begins with what you want to do with your life, then you figure out how to do it regularly. I know I like to be active and I believe in use it or lose it when it comes to the human body which means that If you do not use your body then when you need it, it will not be ready, and may even break.

So I am active and my passion in life is exploring what it can do for me.

You can’t replace your body

Another philosophy is that you can change everything in your life but your body. You only ever get one. Yet it is your vehicle to all the good times. The better you take care of it the more fun you can have throughout your life. So I have dedicated my life to learning how it works so I can take care of my body so I can get the most out of my life. My blog is about sharing this with those I care about. Paying it forward.


So, finding fun ways to actively challenge myself is my passion because moving makes my body work properly so I can do the things I want. Here is that place that I share my journey

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Movement as Medicine

Throughout history humans have been using movement to  treat and prevent injury and disease. The philosophy is that whatever ails you there is a movement to help heal it.

“There’s a movement for that”

Though right now you need a lot of knowledge and experience to know which movements can help particular ailments. I’m exploring ways to make it easier to do so.


Invest in life

The theme of the site is continual investment. Investing in knowledge, your body, your life. So in the theme of spending money to make money you must invest in your life in order to make the life you want.

To achieve this you must learn to live your life every day in a way that invests in you, making you stronger. Don’t put life off, see every day as an investment where you either win or you learn. Every day is a chance to learn a little more about your life. Who you are. What you want, what makes you happy, what you can live without.

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