Could you approach?

Could you approach on every shot you play?

I follow Brent Abel of web tennis. Every so often he shares a nugget. Today that happened. He covered something I have been working on myself. Being unpredictable. To do this Brent suggests learning how to use any shot you play as an approach shot. That does not mean you have to approach. It means your opponent has to consider that option because he knows you might. You keep your opponent guessing giving him a little less time to figure out his response. This small change adds to the complexity of the question your shot asks your opponent.

Here is Brents message and video. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be coached by Tom Stow. Mr. Stow gave me everything I have today as a player and as a teaching pro / coach.

Everything …

So, in today’s new video I have for you, I’m going to point out something to you that Mr. Stow harped on endlessly that Larry Turville does in the point that we’ve recently studied. This was a major game changer for me when Mr. Stow asked me this one very crucial question …

Short video. 4 minutes & 7 seconds.

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