Ten ways to win with your head

Yep I’m on fire right now. Or rather I’ve found a bunch of info I just really want to share. You know when you come across some one who thinks just like you do, and puts into words things you’ve always known and believed. Well this is the case with the guys at winning mind. I’ve been checking out their background articles and yowser, straight away I just had to highlight a fantastic article written for volleyball that really applies to any wher eyou want to just achieve something and be good when it matters. From an interview to an exam to a sports final. If you want to succeed consistenly you just have to read this simple and informative pdf.

Don Patterson the author has put 10 points to paper that are the essence of how to train for and achieve success. It’s precisely how I got 5 A levels. I wasn’t aware of this approach back then. I just followed my own common sense. Well most good advice is just common sense dressed up and that’s what these are and that’s how they read. That’s why it’s such a joy to read.


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