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Life should feel like play. It should be fun and interesting. But you have to work hard to make it that way. You have to be fit and strong mentally, physically and emotionally. You have to play the game of life well. Know how to turn losses into draws and draws into wins.

This is about turning everything into fun. So it’s about naturally fun stuff like watching films and tv, playing more tennis and less obvious stuff like cooking, gardening, shopping. Just finding ways to add the fun at each point.

Then it’s also about why this is important. How much is enough. Or maybe how much effort should be required to achieve the fun. What you need to do to make the fun beneficial, not bad. Like moving around to make yourself strong.

Keywords: Life as learning, evolving. Learning as play. Exploration. Discovery. Flow. 


Life is to be lived and enjoyed and habits you enjoy you will repeat so learn how to have fun. Play is the topic of fun and since adults don't like the term play I use adventure when I talk to adults because talking to adults about adventures makes them think differently about their lives and the challenges they face.

For me when I think of adventure it puts me in the same stay of playful excitement that I had when I was young and the day ahead suddenly feels like an opportunity to enjoy not something to dread. So the act of doing something you love that brings you joy is in itself healthy for you and finding things that nourish you that you also enjoy are priceless. Once you understand the principles of balance in human nature it learning how to apply these lessons to things you enjoy ensures that the things you want to do become the things you need to do to achieve balance and so your habits become good.

You can’t replace your body

Another philosophy is that you can change everything in your life but your body. You only ever get one. Yet it is your vehicle to all the good times. The better you take care of it the more fun you can have throughout your life. So I have dedicated my life to learning how it works so I can take care of my body so I can get the most out of my life. My blog is about sharing this with those I care about. Paying it forward.

Key articles

Fun is not the first thing anyone thinks when they consider health because health is generally considered boring and the lack of fun. That is why I focus so much on having fun and noticing its benefits. 


Everyone was to do fun things so if the fun things also make you healthy then you will do them again and again and the biggest problem in health is doing the work required. People just don't want to do the things that are good for them so by focusing on things you actually want to do and seeing how they help your health it gets esier to do the things you need to do to be healthy. It's as simple as that.


The bonus is that the more you match happy with healthy then the better your life gets. It's a no brainer really isn't it.


Play is a state of mind where you are just being you and accepting yourself for who you are. Getting away from the stresses of life and being as close to who you really are as possible. It’s basically the place that you regain your balance.

The pressures of life (compete) force you off balance and take from you because you have to do things to survive and get by. Play  is natures way of regaining your balance and thus your health because it is a state where you are at one with yourself instead of fighting yourself.

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Movement as medicine

Throughout history humans have been using movement to  treat and prevent injury and disease. The philosophy is that whatever ails you there is a movement to help heal it.

There’s a movement for that

Though right now you need a lot of knowledge and experience to know which movements can help particular ailments. I’m exploring ways to make it easier to do so.

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Fun pastimes

Hobbies are a simple way to let off steam, pass the time and learn new skills among so many more benefits. They are not work and are great at balancing the effects of work

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