Welcome to learning in the 21st century

So what’s this blog about?

I’m into learning. Every time I want to get some thing done I need to figure out how to get it done, I need to learn something, and I need to find good teachers.

I did physical education for A level and degree, I coach and basically like teaching because it’s a form of helping people. When I worked on a helpdesk it turned out to be a distance teaching environment because I had to teach people how their tech works so they can get their job done. i had to remove barriers and stuff.

Learning and teaching haven’t essentially changed. But the tools on offer have improved in leaps and bounds. So I’m finding I’m not the only person figuring out how these tools can help me get more done particularly by making learning and teaching easier and more fun.

So this blog is about my journey and how I’m getting where I want to go through learning stuff.

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