embed a chart into a web page

wouldn’t it be cool if you could embed charts right into a web page. I thought it would so I thought I’d find out how and write about it. Just planned to use google docs spreadsheets, create a chart and then get it into my blog some how.
the approach I’ve tried was particularly easy to find in google docs help, which I’m quite impressed with since I’ve used it a few times recently. Charts: Publishing a chart to a web page or blog post..

Followed the tips on a spreadsheet and embedded the chart below. It just does an image so I’m not sure if this updates when the underlying data updates. The src value is to the spreadsheet so I assume it does.

My first attempt was actually a google gadget. I didn’t realise that. Left it in anyway to see if I can get it working and as an example.

I’ve received some great examples and advice. Just had to include them hear.

Trying out an iframe

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