Everyone sees the world differently and learning how to correctly interpret what our senses tell us is a skill we can always develop

In the real world your perception defines your reality. Many do not understand this but it is the truth.

The search for truth is lifelong and full of misdirection. Learning to see things for what they are is a skill and something I am always trying to get better at.

Learning from others is my main approach.

This topic explores the ways in which we form our view of the world so we can better understand how to see the truth in an endless supply of information.


Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior, according to the American Psychological Association. Psychology is a multifaceted discipline and includes many sub-fields of study such areas as human development, sports, health, clinical, social behaviour and cognitive processes.

Psychology effects how we see the world and how we experience it and the decisions we make and an understanding of psychology and the psychology helps us understand the thoughts and actions of ourselves and others better.

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The brain

The brain is the living computer in which we experience the world and getting best experience of life has a lot to do with usi8ng our brains well which means understanding how they work and what they need to be maintained properly.

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Through chasing fun,  moving well and investing in yousrelf you will learn how to tackle and even prevent disease in your life by working with your body and environment. Each step towards balance brings your lifestyle in tune with who you are and what you need to be.