BBC Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell

The secret universe the hidden life of the cell is a ground breaking TV show that opens up the inner workings on human cells in a way never before seen.

Initially developed by XVIVO from Harvard university as the inner life of the cell using the latest 3D techology the programme allows you to see human life from an angle that was previously impossible. The miniscule goings on within an invidiual cell.

From an organised invasion by a cold virus to following one of the many transport workers taking its cargo to its destination this is an truly awe inspiring exploration of the intricate ecosystem of every one of the trillions of cells within a human body.

If you missed this on Tv then check it out. What we can express about the cell is truly amazing and what the cell actually does on a daily basis is even more mind blowing

There is a supporting site

I found a episode 7 at so I had to share

BBC.Our.Secret.Universe.The.Hidden.Life.of.the… by singaporegeek

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