LIfe as play. My first post

So here I am with a new blog. Quite excited really.  I’ve been keeping my original blog for a few years now and really enjoyed it. That’s for my general stuff though.

With this blog I want to explore ways of making life simpler and more fun. The journey I’ve taken in life has been all over the place. Plenty of ups and down and plenty of learning. I want to share some of it but also to learn from others.

I’ve come to the conclusion that whether I’m rich or poor the more important thing to me is time. Everyone gets 24 hours in a day, that’s equal to everyone. It’s the one thing we all get that’s completely equal. The other is our mind. We don’t always have complete control over what we do with our lives but always have control over our minds. Atleast in theory 🙂

So my journey is now concerned with making life as much fun as possible. That means making sure I have fun in some way every day. This means training my mind to see fun where there is frustration. turning things into a game.

At first this seems frivolous. Over time I’m finding that it makes me want to go to work. I don’t mind the boring, even scary things cos I’ve changed the way I think and that’s helping me get through. It’s never that long til my next bit of fun.

Anywho. We’ll see. Maybe it’s a bit experiment that falls flat on its face. Atleast I tried and at least I had fun. That’s the motto for now.

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