Humans are the most advanced technology we know of and they were created by the universe itself through a long process of evolution. That sounds far-fetched to many people but the more you learn about the technology that makes up a human the more you understand how this happened

So it may feel like magic to you that humans evolved from energy but it is really the result of billions of years of little things like atoms combing with other atoms to make something bigger because a pressure gradient moved them around.

Evolution is the pressure on our code. The standard principles of evolution apply here as they do anywhere else. Yet the computational and mechanical expertise we have developed is well known and easier to test and prove because we humans made it so we wrote the manual so to speak. The biology side is the unknown so proof there is much harder to find.

Ethics and practicality are a challenge on both sides but biology is about life so ethics rules there. Computers aren’t alive so we can do what we want with them. We only need ethics when dealing with human aspects like personal data and customer-facing elements like accessibility. Otherwise, we can be more aggressive as developers than biologists can.

Going back to the principle of balance we find that life is sustained by bringing balance to a system that is constantly falling out of balance. There are so many pressures in our environment and inside us that constant imbalance is inevitable and advanced systems to restore balance are required.

Creating artificial life has been a goal for humans for centuries and is starting to become a reality instead of a dream. This are of study has the same inherent problems of achieving and maintaining balance that natural life has and so this is another opportunity to understand more about how to maintain balance in complex systems. From this we can learn even more about humans work and how to help them achieve even more with what they already have.

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