Learning to adapt

No matter how brilliant your life is it does get boring and difficult at times and when you’re dedicated to getting happy and healthy the best thing you can do is find ways to make the worst times better than they would be.

For Every challenge you undertake and every problem you solve there is a fun and healthy way of doing it.

Create is where you find that way

This is why you need to explore new options to give yourself

  • variety
  • balance
  • inspiration
  • distraction

because coming up with new ideas to complement the old and building a bigger list of options is what all successful people do.

To build a successful healthy lifestyle focus on creating new options for:

  • movement
  • nutrition
  • recovery

and find ways to bake them right into your daily life.


So start considering the next steps to get you closer to your perfect life. Some ideas would be

  • trying a new food recipe or doing something in the garden.
  • something simple like going for a walk at lunch, you might not feel you have time but if you combine it with shopping and getting errands done then perhaps you do have the time. Climbing stairs and hills can be a bigger challenge.
  • You might allow your errands to take you up or down some stairs.
  • You might simply do some errands before having lunch. Walking between each.
  • If you’re on your own its easy these days to listen to audio books, radio or music on a smart phone say.
  • You might start tracking all your activity by buying a step counter. Plenty of good cheap ones are available.

Simple ideas like these are all a great start. Start a list of options you want to try and then work through it. In no time you will start to expand your options and turn a bad into into a better one :-).

More resources

create.fit2thrive.co.uk is the companion site designed to support the creative aspect of Fit2Thrive. The focus is on helping you get fit through understanding how you work and how to use that knowledge to get where you want to be.

There is also lots more on pinterest

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself

Simple and Regular

Regularity and Simplicity are always the focus. There are 365 days a year. You only have to make one tiny change every day to add up to 365 changes over a year. That is a huge amount of change from just a little effort each day.

So you will complete a step in create daily if possible. Ticking off steps that are done and adding new steps to do.

Pace yourself

Just don’t try to do it all at once. A change every day is plenty because it adds up quickly. You might simply be having a stressful week so relaxing in your favourite coffee shop or visiting your favourite restaurant to wind down and get away from it all might be what you need. Create is all about learning and exploring. Finding out more about yourself and life. You can now use the list of activities you want in your life and the list of activities you have in your life to help you build a list of steps to get from where you are to where you want to be.

So create is about steps and learning. The create philosophy makes you stronger and more able to overcome challenges. Getting things done is about continual growth. Eventually each challenge becomes manageable either because you can do more or because you break the challenge down into easier steps.

Next steps

As you start taking steps in play and making new memories you will need to look at the other types of step in Fit2Thrive