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What's in this hole?!!

What’s in this hole?!!

Play makes you strong

With Fit2Thrive I promote the message that Play makes you strong because I believe that health comes from happiness. The easiest way I have found to achieve both these goals is through three simple words:

  1. Play
  2. Compete
  3. Create

Each word represents a type of step you can take. Do a step each day and you become fit and healthy in no time.


My approach is simple. Everyone knows that to be healthy they need to:

  • eat well,
  • move well
  • and recover well

But everyone struggles to actually do it all so that is the problem I aim to solve, the problem of fitting it all in and having a smile while you do it.

All you need to do is follow my adventures and I will show you incredibly simple ways to do it all and enjoy yourself at the same time. The idea is that over time you will learn how to do it for yourself. All the time I’m just an email away if you have any questions.

How do I keep up to date?

If you want to know more email me at with the subject “hell yes” or click here to open up a pre filled email you can just send straight to me.

Alternatively sign up in the subscription box to the right or when it appears later on and you get each of my adventures delivered to your inbox plus all the goodies I send out to my regular subscribers.

Now go start your adventure and take a step!!!

The steps

Each step builds one essential aspect required for play to make you strong.

  1. Play teaches you that getting healthy must be fun so you won’t get bored and you will want to do it. click here to take a step
  2. Compete teaches you how to get healthy with the life you already have instead of adding lots of extra work and expense. click here to take a step
  3. Create teaches you new options to get healthy. The more options you have the easier it is to add to your health every day. click here to take a step

The concept is as simple as using your existing life to find both health and happiness. I have a very holistic approach because all real health comes when you nurture the whole not just specific things.

It works because your body is always trying to support you and all workouts do is signal to your body what you want to be good at.

Playful attitude: Get motivated through fun

To put yourself in a playful mood you might:

These are my examples, what would yours be? Ask yourself what makes you happy and go do it.

Competing pressures. Use life as your workout

We all have lots to do and fitting it all in is the real challenge. It’s no good if health and happiness add to the pressure instead of taking it away.
The best answer is to use your existing pressures as different types of workout because if you want your life to build you and not break you then these are the pressures that you need to be good at dealing with. If you can’t then surely you’re not as healthy as you need to be. No bother, through create you’ll learn how it’s done.
Here are some of the pressures we all face
All these things are part of every day life and put pressure on you but all need to be done.

Create options. Try things, explore

Create is all the things you try out and the experience you gain in adding improvements in:


I bring all this into my adventures because every adventure includes items on these lists.
  • Some are epic adventures like holidays, visits like duxford, french open, wimbledon, britmums, zoo
  • Others are standard: DIY, rushmere park, Country pub
  • others are micro: foods, shopping, DIY
The micro and standard adventures generally build towards the epic adventures and so the small workouts and challenges prepare me for the big and massive ones.


These are some examples of how play makes you stronger:
Hidden adventures: Exploring Rushmere park

2015-04-06 12.19.07

Fun, food and frolics: How to stimulate your metabolism while you chow down

Play area at Axe and Compass Country Pub

Daddy, I want to see some Dinosaurs!!!!

Gullivers Dino Park Review

The day I learned my grandad worked with a genius

The mansion at Bletchley Park

A Play day at the family gym!!!

The family gym!!!

The family gym!!!

How I enjoyed christmas and got fitter!!!

A typical christmas day :-)

A typical christmas day 🙂

World Cyclocross Championships



Christmas lights switch on

Watching the christmas lights switch on

Watching the christmas lights switch on

Cats the musical

Getting fit visiting cats the musical

“CatsMusicalLogo” by The logo is from the website. The owner is RUG Ltd.. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –



Compete is about all the things you have to do like tidying up and fixing the car. I don’t share every session because it’s dull but I’ve shared how I use

tidying and weight training

42 litre box


A tank, a beetle and a ball

The i-robot beetle

The i-robot beetle


Create is about learning and building yourself. Some things I have learnt are

Use grapes as a sauce for a Blackberry lattice pie

Use grapes as a sauce for blackberry lattice pie

Grapes accompanying a Blackberry lattice pie

Do you use fruit as a vitamin drink?

melon as a drink

melon as a drink

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