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Get fit

The act of becoming fit changes your body for the better.

Many people get fit to lose weight, but getting fit does so much more than help you manage your weight. Getting fit makes your body stronger and more able to survive or even thrive in tough conditions—the kind of conditions that might cause heart disease or diabetes in other unfit individuals. It also gets your body to work properly. 

Only a highly functioning, efficient human is capable of reaching their best, which is not surprising. Not so obvious is that the very act of getting fit directly reduces the risks of the major diseases of the 20th century. This is because the major diseases these days are caused by our wealth. Never before have we had it so nice. 

Unfortunately, it turns out that the things we used to do to avoid these illnesses we no longer do. As a result of changing our daily habits we now get sick in ways we never used to. Or rather, only the rich could afford the lifestyle that caused most modern illnesses. The 20th century was the first ever when the majority of the Western population didn’t have to do much to meet their basic needs of food, shelter and safety.

For the millions of years that preceded, we had to work very hard to achieve these basic needs. That hard work is something we’ve evolved to need. With the unprecedented rise of diseases of affluence, we’re starting to realise just how much we need to move. It’s literally becoming a matter of life and death. 

Get healthy

Getting fit makes the body work correctly. In this example, it handles sugar correctly. Reducing the insulin required. Lowering blood sugar and insulin concentrations. Sugar and insulin in high concentrations can be toxic. Leading to damage to the walls of arteries. To heal the artery walls, inflammation occurs.

If damage occurs faster than the healing process can heal that damage, then chronic inflammation and incorrect repair will result. Leaving the artery walls injured and unable to function properly. This is heart disease because the walls of the circulatory system become damaged. The damage builds up when this happens over a long time, as it does in sedentary people. The heart disease eventually becomes critical. 

Just need the inflammation, diabetes and heart disease sections. They also link together nicely. Inflammation is key to all illnesses today. These two included. Diabetes type 2 is a problem of sugar control. It leads to long periods of high insulin and sugar in the blood. Sugar and insulin can damage blood vessels. Damage leads to inflammation. Natures healing process. Continual damage leads to chronic inflammation and improper healing. Over time this leads to heart disease.

The same as most of today’s illnesses.

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