A young boy exploring with his Daddy

Enjoy a lifetime of adventure

Hi there. I’m Colin, a father of two, a husband and I work full time. Like you the hardest challenge I have had as a parent is in finding a healthy balance in life for myself and for my family. This is my story of how I have come to fit everything in while having the time of my life with those I love and getting fit at the same time.

I love all the modern time savers but I don’t like the health problems that can come with them and I don’t like the modern approach to health and fitness because it doesn’t work plus, it’s just plain boring.

What I got us all doing is to focus our lives on the adventures we want to have and the memories and experiences we want. So that everything from shopping to working to playing is about preparing for and living some kind of adventure.

Thinking of adventures encourages us to indulge all our passions from exploring nature in woods and zoos, to watching and playing sports and eating and making great food. I am progressively incorporating more fun and adventures into our lives and enjoying the benefits adventures bring,

Because adventures are what our ancestors always had the approach is working really well for us so far because we have more energy than we used to and ticked off tons of things in our 2016 bucket list. The challenge will be to adapt the approach as the kids grow and life changes.

Now I am sharing my approach with other like minded parents to help them do the same.

How do I start an adventure!!!?

I don’t have loads of time or money I just want to share my approach with people as an adventure coach (think lifestyle coach that focuses on adventure) and make it really easy to ask me questions, follow me and start living an adventure yourself.

So let me get you started right now. First I want you to think about the following question

“If money and time were no object what would you do?”

That is your dream, so the adventure would be setting out towards this dream. Now keep your dream in mind for this next question

“What is stopping you living your dream right now?”

These questions should have got you dreaming, they did for me and for everyone I’ve put them to. Just by thinking about your dreams you become a little closer to achieving them.

The secret to great health is to just find the healthy balance in the life you want to live. Do that and eventually what makes you happy will make you healthy.

How do I continue my adventure?

That was your first step on your adventure so if you want to continue just get in touch through the “I want some adventures” button below and submit your best email address and tell me the answers to these two questions.

Don’t worry, I don’t spam I just want you to move better, eat better and recover better and I’ve finally hit on the best way to do it so I am super excited to share it.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you and starting you on your journey.