About Fit2Thrive

Fit2thrive is a site exploring human performance based on the concept that you can change everything in your life but who and what you are. Your humanity is unique and it is your vehicle to all the good times.

I have dedicated my life to learning how I work so I can take care of my self and can get the most out of my life. My blog is about sharing this with those I care about and paying it forward.

So who am I and what do I do?

I’m really interested in the concept of peak performance. How humans achieve their potential. My sports science degree and my A levels let me look into this to a great degree and since then I’ve always been actively learning what I can. I’m now looking at turning what I know into something that can help myself and others in a more organised way.

I’d be working in sports or health if there was a decent career in it at the time but I’m far too practical to stand the bad hours and lack of pay. Instead I got bad hours but good pay and a career in IT with the plan to get back into the field in a major way when the time is right.

So since then I’ve been using all the knowledge I’ve learned and still learn, to improve my life day to day, week to week and start living the dream.

We are stronger than we think

The core idea is that humans aren’t broken. The 20th century has brought many amazing advances but also the idea that humans can’t thrive without all sorts of help. I disagree, we each just need to know and accept ourselves. Learn what we need through understanding our minds, bodies and souls. Learning how to fit our hunter and gatherer needs into the modern world.

Be your best self

You need to find out who you are and then learn how to be yourself each day. That can take a lifetime of searching but it sure beats fighting yourself every day. You are what you are. Remember, it’s not the best adapted that thrive but those most able to adapt. The better you learn how to make the best of what you have the better you learn how to thrive.

So I’m still learning and having a great time doing so. Every year I master new concepts and skills and I’m better for it. I’m really inspired by what I’ve achieved from what I’ve learnt and I’ve started this blog to try and pass on some of this and also carry on learning from the comments and feedback I get.

I hope you enjoy what I write.