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About Fit2Thrive

Fit2thrive is a site exploring human performance based on the concept that you can change everything in your life but who and what you are. Your humanity is unique and it is your vehicle to all the good times.

I have dedicated my life to understanding human nature so I can get the most out of the life I have. Fit2Thrive is about sharing what I learn with those I care about and the wider community.

So who am I and what do I do?

I think like an engineer so my study of human performance lead into one of human nature from biology, and life sciences to physics, music, sports science and physical education to name just a few of the topics I have researched as part of learning to live my dream.. It has taken a long time but the teachers I have found have revolutionised my understanding of human nature and our true potential.

In recent years I have learnt to apply this new knowledge for a happier, easier and more productive life that is built around who I am and the life I want to live. The next step in this journey is to translate this knowledge and process into something that can work for others so they can enjoy the same benefits.

Self help through daily adventures

My aim is to create self help/personal development resources and link to useful self help content and producing my own. I have found my path through following adventures and creating wonderful memories so I want others to benefit too. It is through adventures that I have been able to enjoy the pressures in my life and not be overwhelmed by them.

My area is personal development/self help through adventures My philosophy is that You get good at what you do regularly so I encourage others to start having adventures to begin enjoying the benefits I have.

My passions are the basis for adventures I want to create courses to help others create memories through adventures. I start with my basic process of want, need, how. Then I can update my social sites with the message and start promoting myself with short blog posts and videos

We are stronger than we think

What I have learnt is that humans aren’t broken however we have forgotten how amazing we are. The 20th century has brought many amazing advances but reliance on these advances has also encouraged the idea that humans can not thrive without all sorts of help.

learn how to fit our hunter and gatherer needs into the modern world.

What I have found is that humans are still far more advanced and capable than the machines and technologies that they have created and we repeatedly undervalue our own abilities and over value the things we have built. So my aim is to address this imbalance and help us learn how amazing we all are as individuals and together by educating myself and others about human nature. Through education we can begin to know and accept ourselves and discover what we need through understanding our minds, bodies and souls. In essence we need to learn how to fit our hunter and gatherer needs into the modern world.

Be your best self

Research has shown me that all the people we admire have achieved their best work through relentless focused effort. Their message to others is always that too become your best you need to find out who you are and then learn how to be yourself each day. That process can easily take a lifetime of searching but it sure beats fighting yourself every day because ultimately you are who and what you are everyday.

Don’t fight yourself, just be yourself. 

Invest in you

Any investment in learning how to be the best YOU that you can be will make your future better as you become better at being you. Remember, it’s not the best adapted that thrive but those most able to adapt and so the better you learn how to make the best of what you have the better you learn how to thrive.

find out who you are and then learn how to be yourself each day


The main message I have learnt while researching this site is that we are the products of the habits we live our life by and if we want to change our outcomes we must change our habits. That’s what all the research and reading has taught me and what we see in the world.

All over this site are all sorts of articles giving the theory and practice of how we work and what amazing things humans can do but what is most important to understand is that our habits are the key to our past, present and future. When you read biographies to understand other people’s lives you always find out that their background explains the life they lead, both the successes and the failures. Each time I read a biography I start by thinking that person did something magical and every time I finish the biography I learn that their achievement became possible due to that persons, upbringing, circumstances, hard work and other factors which can be summarised by the habits they developed through their life. I find that far better than magic because it is incredibly inspiring because if it can be explained and achieved through habits then I could achieve the same or even better if I adopted the same habits. That is really what healthy life styles and success training and all forms of human development are about. Changing habits towards a given type of success.

Lifelong learning

I am always learning because I enjoy the process and the results so every year I master new concepts and skills which improve the life I live. These continual improvements are key to my success because I am really inspired by what I have achieved from what I have learnt. I started this site to try and pass on some of this and also carry on learning from the comments and feedback I get so I can continue the process of living my dream.

I hope you enjoy what I write.


This site is a continuation of my original blog colchambers which is quite general in its focus reflecting my wide ranging approach to exploring what humans can achieve.