Fun in the snow

Yesterday we had the first and probably the only covering of snow for this year. So we took the time to enjoy it with our little one.

There were snow balls, snow men and plenty of white beauty and with all that fun going on I am chuffed with myself that I still managed to

  • clear the driveway and car of snow
  • to prepare and cook a Bolognese from scratch.
  • put up a large board to pin our treasured pictures to
  • Put up a shelf
  • Do some general housework.
  • Give mummy a break for a snooze

Obviously this is normal work for a dad but the snow play did a lot to get my Fitbit stats from terrible to half decent. The steps aren’t amazing but notice the

  • stairs climbed,
  • active minutes
  • calories burned.

This was an intense tiring day that the Fitbit unfortunately can’t fully portray because it was more about weight lighting than running or walking but it did

  • make me stronger
  • challenge my body for the better.

Checkout the fun we had  

This is his ice bucket. He’s seeing how cold he can make it.

It needs more ice!!!!


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  1. I am quite jealous of your snow, my kids would love to get out and play in the snow, even as teenagers, but we haven’t had any for years. Looks like you had just enough to enjoy some family time making a snowman and playing before numb fingers and the slush set in. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

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      You are welcome Fiona. I chose to enjoy the snow at home because the little one is convinced he doesn’t get cold. And then of course he cries because he does. You know how it goes

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      Thanks catie. Driving in snow is the biggest pain in the butt isn’t it. I wasn’t really a fan until the little one got old enough to enjoy it.

  2. I am very jealous of the snow you had! We very, very rarely get any in the Channel Islands. If we get frost then the kids get excited.


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