Launch message: hedging your bets

Life isn’t guaranteed it can be great and it can be terrible and building for the future really is all about hedging your bets. I know it’s cliche but over the year I’ve come to realise that life isn’t about spending money, it’s about spending time because you can always earn more money but you can never earn more time.

So when I considered what I wanted to do with my life my answer was to find ways to be healthy and happy. That’s the journey I have been on since before I can remember because I have always preferred to hedge my bets on being happy and healthy over being wealthy

This is what came to mind while reading the book “launch” because it reminded me what I’m trying to do. What my core message and mission is.

My journey

In fact I specifically remember the day I started out along my path towards health. I was 12 and I discovered weight training. I built a weight bench in my mums kitchen (Shed had a one bedroom house, the kitchen was the living room and diner too so it was all we had). My barbell was the handle of a mop with some paint cans on either side. It kept breaking so I decided to buy my first proper set of weights. That was the start of my journey.

What I’ve learnt since is that health and happiness are both intricately tied together but also incredibly easy to come by. The catch of course is that you need to learn the magic of making them happen. I didn’t grow up with lots of money so I’ve learnt to be healthy using what I have because I enjoy learning and experiencing new things. To me the process of learning is about play and fun, happiness and being healthy is simply about understand what I need, when, why and finding ways to deliver it.

Modern health and happiness

What I’ve been searching for is a way of life that fits in this era, making the best of everything life has to offer and delivering health and happiness at the same time. I’ve always been frustrated with the message that health and happiness don’t go hand in hand and neither do health and work. The idea is generally that if you want to be healthy then you have to give up some or all of your fun and do all your healthy stuff around your work. It sounds boring and too much. You literally never have enough hours in the day to do it all and you don’t want to do it any way. At least that’s how I feel.

I don’t like low fat foods, in truth I love yoghurt and fruit but that’s because they are simply what they’re supposed to be, they’re naturally low fat. It’s the stuff that had fat in but it’s now been replaced with something else that I don’t like. Like low fat creme fraiche, it’s already lower fat than cream but it’s creaminess comes from the fat it contains, why ruin something simply because people don’t understand how to use it?

Food like this always loses its sparkle for me which makes it boring or worse. It’s the same with getting fit because I hate how it’s been made so boring. I love to move but I don’t like it when I’m forced to move and when every little aspect of it is measured.

A happier journey

Now I’m in a nice place on my journey where I have learnt about happiness. I’m happier now than ever and I will be happier tomorrow because each day my life is getting better. I’ve learnt how to make my happiness come true and every time I remember that I just like to take a moment to appreciate it. My physical health is the same but I am happier, and so my emotional health is much better. Few of us truly know our overall health status because there aren’t yet any completely reliable and accurate measures. We know if we have a cold or something but not if we have impending serious illness or whether we’re doing everything we can to prevent illness.

These days I am in a nice place where I am always healthy in general because while I have colds and the usual illnesses I have nothing major wrong and I never have to stop, you see I haven’t been off sick for over a year. I’m always busy doing things, particularly sport but don’t have serious injuries because I have avoided so much of the health trouble I’ve seen others have.

A love of learning

Though my good health is not luck, not at all, it’s the result of a lot of hard work and thought. I’ve simply learnt about what causes many health problems. Like anyone else, at the times I’ve done the wrong things I’ve suffered like anyone else. I’ve had back trouble, sprained ankles, gained weight, you name it. The point is that I’ve always been able to recover because I have either already known the fix or I’ve been able to diagnose and fix the problem.

Now that I am a husband and father I get to step up and share this with my family. That’s what this blog and all my work is about. As a parent I am a provider and the best thing I can provide for my family is health and happiness. So ff I can share with them what I have learnt then I will have the joy of watching them grow and blossom.

That is what Fit2thrive is about. Being a parent and nurturing those you love so that their time is full of health and happiness. They set out each day chasing their dreams and you get to enjoy sharing the journey.

Life has not changed

New technology hasn’t changed the fundamentals of life. Humans still have the same needs:

  • Warmth
  • love,
  • shelter,
  • food.

We are hunters and gatherers and that hasn’t changed though we have simply stopped hunting and gathering in the way we are designed to do. The fix is to live our lives as hunters and gatherers. We just hunt and gather in our new environment whether it is:

  • The mall,
  • the office
  • or the home.

So life itself and the time you spend are all opportunities to hunt and gather

The power of gentle pressures

Walking to humans is like water or wind is to rock. It seems like nothing but over time it shapes everything. Mountains get worn away to valleys or deserts by wind and rain and through the same effects of continuous pressure your body is created through walking and pottering around. The pressure is exerted through and on your posture and it needs time to take effect, and it often takes years. For the same reasons your brain needs time to get correctly wired

Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman expertly expresses that which I have been trying to express for years. The idea that you need to move your body to gain the most out of life. So I am very grateful to Katy for providing such an excellent resource to make the case so plain.

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The power you wield

What I would add is that while Katy argues that the pressure you put on your body is most important I argue that the pressure you put on your mind is more important. By that I refer to the choices you make because your body is continually changing in order to be fit enough for the life you are living. So the life you live actually exerts pressure on your body but it’s the choices you make through life that determine its direction and thus the forces your body must face. It’s a subtle distinction but a powerful on because it is not your body that determines who you are and the life that you can live it is your mind and the choices you make. So you are always in control whether you realise it or not.

My career and education has been about learning how to be the best I can be and also help others be the best they can be aswell. The platform requires

  • knowing how to enjoy the journey,
  • knowing how to compete,
  • understanding yourself,

Some of the simple philosophies I try to live by to achieve these goals are

Don’t live a life that you need a holiday from.

Turn a life that breaks you into one that makes you.

You are how you live. You must learn how to live in a way that gives you the life you dream.

Move for health

You may have heard I am currently developing a course called “Energy Matters” to be released soon.
The course is about the benefits of moving around. Most people don’t really realise what moving can do and what lack of movement can do but most of the cool things in life become possible, often easy, because you are good at moving around. On the other hand most of the things that plague the modern era become more likely when we don’t move.

You see, movement is one thing you can do for free that can do so much for you and these days the explanation is so much clearer. The story behind the benefits of movement to health is what I want to tell and then show you ways to get moving in ways that will get you the benefits.

Energy Matters is the first step along with path where I will explain how energy and your bodies ability to manage its energy stores determines both fitness and health. Later on in the series of courses I will cover wider topics like how to use movement to fix injuries with an example being how I fixed my back problems caused by sitting down for too long by playing football.

The one thing I want people to take away from each course is the need to move. Without it your health and happiness is in peril. The challenge is in finding ways to move and ways to enjoy moving, ways for it to help you do what you want in life.

So I am glad I read “Launch” because it helped me focus back on my message and my mission. There is so much in the book I just can’t share it all but I am excited having read it. I can see how I will achieve what I set out to do 🙂

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