How do I earn revenue from this blog so I can do a better job?

That is the question I keep asking myself. Both Google and Facebook do such a good job because they found ways to fund the work that was necessary to do a good job and the same applies to everyone else.

So, I need to find a way to make this blog pay simply because that would mean I could spend more time and love on it, instead of having to do it when I get “that spare moment” so I have been trying various methods because I’m not sure yet what fits and works. I want to do something worth paying for but equally I need to link what I want to talk about to what people want to pay for. It’s the usual catch 22 scenario.

I prefer to deliver quality and create conversation and debate because that is how I learn best but I struggle for time and resource. If I want to do a good job with Fit2Thrive but I see that I need to understand how to do a job people want to pay for. Until I learn that skill then Fit2Thrive will remain a hobby.

This is me just sharing that challenge with you so you understand why I try certain things. I am really grateful for the feedback I’ve received so far because it always helps so I’m talking about the elephant in the room so we have a place to talk about it.

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