If Rafa wins the Aus Open he could potentially hold all four slams at once!!!

It’s very early to predict but it makes it fun to realise this fact. The only slam Rafa has struggled to win of late is Wimbledon. Now that Novak is out the next most likely contender to the crown is Rafa.

He would have to beat a resurgent Federer or Murray to get there but odds and recent results are obviously in his favour though. Though if he were to get there and win the final then he would hold 3 slams at once. The Australian, French and US Open titles. He would of course have to win the French again, something Novak contest to his last breath so it’s not given. Though his dominance on clay is something you can bet on.

The question then becomes Wimbledon. Rafa has now shown his ability to manage his knees. I have wondered whether he didn’t do well at Wimbledon last year simply because he didn’t want to push himself too hard. This year may be different and if he were chasing such a feat as a grand slam then he is likely to go for it.

He has a good record at Wimbledon winning there twice and going deep most years.

Just something to think of over the next few days to make the contest that bit more interesting.

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