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Fit for days out: Our day at the Olympics part two

After all this we had to watch the diving and then get home. Here is the list of what we had to do:

  • I used binoculars but this tired my eyes out. Meaning my brain was getting tired from the day and from trying to watch even though the diving only lasted 1 hour. 
  • walk back down the stairs to the exit 
  • Walk to find water water. 
  • Walk out of the aquatic park 15 mins 
  • walk to Stratford 30 mins. 
  • Train to St Pancras.
  • Walk to Euston 15 mins
  • walk to train 5 mins. Walk
  • up platform and over to car 10 mins. 
  • Drive home.

Bloody knackered, I’m 70 kgs (About 12 stone). I couldn’t help but wonder how would that feel for someone heavier like 100 kgs.

We loved every minute of it and would happily do it again but it goes to show that doing fun things is a lot of work. The story is similar no matter what fun you do. A trip to the Good food show is just as tiring, so is visiting a childrens play park with our son. So preparing for it in your daily life actually makes sense.

That is why playing tennis during lunch is so useful to me. I play with quite a competitive group so I get quite a work out. Like I say, some times we meet up outside work and have a proper 5 set match. A lot of fun but something you really need to prepare for.  All the running, stopping turning, jumping and everything else over several hours while at the same time having limited food and water and experiencing sun, rain or whatever is actually great preparation for fun days out. Mainly because to my body it’s the same thing. It doesn’t know the difference, all it knows is that it may not get enough water for several hours, then binge on salty dehydrating food and do a lot of walking.  Oh and of course have lots of drinks that aren’t very hydrating like coke or milkshakes. That’s part of a fun day out isn’t it. It’s not so much fun if you avoid them.

I assume this sounds familiar to you because its pretty much the standard food for a day out isn’t it. The point is that because I play sport I have trained my body to handle all this in its stride. So I wasn’t as tired the day after we saw the diving for two reasons. It didn’t take as much out of me as it did everyone else and I recover faster because that is what sports teach your body to do. Replace what has been lost and fix what has been broken.

Boy it helps to be fit

So you’ve heard my way to make busy days easier to handle. How do you find your fitness helps when you have fun?

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