Want to lose weight: find your happy place and simplify your life

This post is part of my series about losing weight. I’m choosing to focus on explaining the benefits of activity through it’s part in helping you lose weight. Focus on the real reason most weight loss approaches don’t work. They aren’t fun and don’t fit in with normal life. The only reliable way to be in control of your weight …

Exploring UK health with the Healthy Visions podcast from BBC Radio 4

health is made at home, hospitals are for repairs That is the synopsis of the 15 minute episode that I just listened to called A Health-Creating Society. I’m shopping for new podcasts right now because while I love those I already have I like balance and different view points. On the health front this was a breath of fresh air into …

Create your path: Invest in knowledge

If you want to create your dream lifestyle it’s really not that hard but it does take work and it is possible. You might think that the dream of a healthy happy life isn’t open to you but it is. For the same reason that a Lion doesn’t ponder its health as long as it just gets on being a Lion …

What’s a stroke like and what can it teach us

Thankfully I haven’t had a stroke but this amazing video from ted.com gives an insight from a neuroscientist on how she experienced a stroke. Thankfully she’s fine now but her insights taught me a lot. This article first appeared as What’s a stroke like and what can it teach us

DNA: our Achilles heal

Back in 2009 I wrote this article on my previous blog but it’s as relevant to day so I’ve brought it to Fit2Thrive. I just feel I’ve made a small break through in my understanding of health and disease and the role DNA plays in it. It’s probably something really obvious that was explained to me years ago but I …

How to help natural killer cells fight cancer

This is a fascinating animation explaining natural killer cells. A crucial part of our immune system. What I notice from listening to it is the explanation of it’s role in fighting cancer. Specifically that most cancer creating cells are caught and neutralised within 24 hours by these killer cells.

Amy Clover: Strong Inside Out

  Today I listened to Amy Clover  with a very inspirational story but also an approach to wellness that I like a lot. One about focusing on enjoyment and accepting who you are. Not beating yourself up all the time to get to where you want to be. Learning to enjoy the process of gaining your health.

Calorie and nutrient intake over time

Source: wikipedia I’ve noticed for many years that physical activity is a great way to maintain or lose weight because by being active you get to add to your life. It’s a positive thing. Many people instantly tell me they don’t like being active but I quickly and consistently find things they like doing that are active that they didn’t …

Why shouldn’t I take supplements?

Most of the advice I see relates to why you should take vitamin supplements as if more must be better. The question you should really be asking is at what cost? Every action has consequences and do you really know the consequences when you pop that vitamin pill? Could you in fact be making yourself weaker

3 reasons why I don’t suffer with pain!!!

I’m always fascinated with what each of us puts up with when other people don’t because we all make different decisions which lead to our different lives. One decision that I have always made is not to suffer with pain and today I realised that you might be interested in how I do that. So here goes….

The best health resources

A set of posts I want to write are about the amazing people and references I have come across over time. I have learnt so much from these guys that I use to make every day more special so I want you to be able to benefit as I do.

e=mc2 Einsteins famous equation

knowledge is literally power!!!

I am considering an equation to explain the value of knowledge that is based on Einsteins famous e=mc2 equation. Energy from mass and light The equation e=mc2 basically means: energy (a measure of power) is equal to the mass of an object, multiplied by, the speed of light squared. The whole explanation for this is not my ball park, I understand …