Festive spirit at havishams tea room

Yesterday we had a really special experience of festive spirit.

Me and my little monkey were having brunch out between swimming and visiting a friend. we were enjoying hot chocolate and toasted sandwiches when we got chatting with a couple behind us.

Their little one had his birthday today and they were taking him out for lunch and getting ready for his party later.

He was only a year younger than our little one and a December baby too so we had plenty to talk about and their little one was great to talk to so we all had fun.

For the parents I shared one secret with the little one.

I told him

You must be in bed by 7pm on Christmas Eve otherwise Santa won’t come.

This works amazingly with our little one and those who told me about said it worked wonders for them. I remember last year the night before Christmas he was watching the clock himself and when the time came he was straight into bed all dressed and went straight to sleep. Not even a peep 😀 zzzzzzz

They left before us and we finished our meal but when it came time to pay we learned that our new friends had paid out bill. I double checked that they hadn’t done so accidentally but the father had asked to pay for us too.

I was taken aback and as it sank in realised that was a piece of festive spirit from a nice family.

I’m sharing this as much to remember it happened as to say thank you to these kind people since I never caught their names.

On the way out i noticed the sign you see in the picture and thought it kind of summed up my experience of this lovely little tea room. They seem to attract nice people by being nice 😀

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