Managing lifes competing demands: fitting health in

Successful people are simply good at managing the pressures of demanding lives. So people that are successful at being healthy are good at managing the pressures of daily life.

Whether the measure of health is weight loss, fitness or happiness its all about balancing pressures, prioritising and directing your efforts. That’s what I call competing and why I have a site dedicated to helping you direct these pressures towards a better life.

Though I realise I haven’t explained fully what the “compete” aspect of fit2thrive means so today I will try to fix that and show you that you really can achieve the success that you see other people having. You just need to find what works for you.

Fitting it all in

I find that most people know what they need to do but they find it hard to fit it in. So I started sharing some of the tips and lessons I’ve collected from some amazing experts in getting things done. You see, success is the same whether it’s about being good at business, health or living your life.

This “compete” aspect of my philosophy is all about handling competing demands well which is always about basics like keeping your balance, being a good listener and focusing on quality.

What I don’t see enough of in the health space is a realisation that healthy people compete well at life which means they are successful in both living their lives while maintaining their health. Their success isn’t always as obvious as it is for someone with lots of money or a fancy title but that’s the point, the heathy person will be able to do whatever they want throughout their life because they are healthy. Whether they achieve this on purpose or through luck, the principles behind this are as old as humanity itself because we aren’t really changing as a species.

At the same time the principles of successful health are underpinned by the general principles of success that apply to all endeavours. That has been my study for years through sports science, management and life itself and the “compete” strand is how I can share that. It’s where we can talk about

  • the things that get in your way,
  • the challenges you face in life, that must be dealt with that conflict with your need to create a better you and a better life.

Understanding these challenges, identifying and accepting them is the first step on your journey and is essential to the next step of creating a new you which is about creating solutions, creating new memories and creating a new path in your life that is able to get you to where you want to be.

The first of these articles is

How to achieve success: 21 amazing lessons

Want more?

There are over a hundred articles on that I am really proud of. Some that I have written, others based on other peoples great work. The challenge for me is that they were written when I wasn’t competely clear about what I wanted to be and how I could make a difference to peoples lives. Some of the articles focus on tennis, some on business, others on education and so on so the focus may seem disjointed. That’s what I struggled with, because I couldn’t really nail down what it is that I am really trying to express.

The answer is that all of life is about situations where there are competing demands.

  • In sport you are putting yourself on the line and trying beat some one else.
  • In education we are also competing all the time because some of us get top marks easily while others don’t and we all get judged according to this.
  • The same is true at work
  • and again the same is true in health because we often feel judged about whether we are healthy, fat, thin, fast or slow

and some times we know why and what we can do to excel and other times we don’t.

The truth though is that the principles behind this success or failure are remarkably similar across all disciplines, cultures and ages and that is a powerful thing to understand. It’s not to say that all successful people achieve success in the same way or all fail in the same way for the same reasons but, there are common practices to all who succeed that have endured over generations, through all cultures that still work time and again.

That is the adventure I have been on through sharing these articles and that is their value. Through them I begin to see what I can do to get what I want and I learn how to do it by doing less to achieve more, literally going slower to go faster.

So in my fit2thrive philosophy I encourage you simply to check out an article that takes your fancy and see what thoughts it provokes. Each thing you do or read to understand how to work with the pressures that are on you I consider a step. It may take 1 minute or an hour, the time doesn’t matter but take one step a day for a month and you have take 30 or so steps. Over a year that’s 365 steps. Over 10 years that’s 3,650 steps. Yes I can count and multiply 🙂

I make this point to show you the value of using time to your advantage. It’s only 1 minute of your day, 10 minutes if you can find the time and 1 hour occasionaly but over time that adds up to a lot which means a lot of change.

So, checkout with the notion that every article is about dealing with the pressure of life in some way. See what thoughts these articles trigger and how they can benefit your life and set you on a newer better one

Here is a short selection of some of the articles available:

Final thought

Why don’t you take a moment today to list all the things you have on your plate. Just doing that will help you get an idea for what you are juggling. That’s the first tiny step to understanding where you are so you can start getting to where you want to be.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Have a great day and I hope to see you here again soon.



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