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Natures Stampers

So I have joined the weekly kids co-op link party and the thursday favorite things blog hop to find more great articles and bloggers. This is a collection of the great articles I found. 

Weekly kids Co-op

the weekly kids co-op link party is hosted by @PinkOddy

For this link up I shared parent workouts because I love the idea that as a parent I can get a free workout by having fun with my family and through providing for them. It’s much nicer than paying for and finding time for a gym.

The following are notes I made reading the fantastic posts I came across:

Playful Matters: Australia Unit by @tripleTmum1 led me to look up the montessori methods which is a fascinating find. It sounds a lot like the way my son is taught at nursery and I like it. The post itself is a list of resources and the one I checked out was fantastic. It was natures stampers by @danya_banya all about finding things from a walk in the woods and using it to print on plasticine. The pics were beautiful and it’s another way I can take little man out and introduce him to the world outside.

10 fun ways to say I love you daddy by Laura Flute which is a delightful set of simple ideas for crafting fun. What interests me is the combination of play and movement involved because it’s not obvious at first but crafting needs to be set up and cleared away, and often cleaned up. Then there is the mental and emotional activity both for the children and parents. In all, like anything else. fun things seem easy while boring things seem hard.

So I like play time activities like these because play comes first while movement is essential for maximum fun 🙂

Teach your child to read at home @mominspiredlife is a great collection of links to resources that can help you teach your little one to read. It carries on perfectly from the crafting article because I can’t help but see learning to read as a game.

Of course you start with books and get some basic words in their reading vocabulary but later on you get to show them how valuable a skill reading is.

Build a snowman indoors by @mominspiredlife is just a brilliant idea for those, like me, who rarely get snow. Can’t wait to try this with the wee one.

Including a toddler in the 100 acts of kindness challenge by @PositivityBits is an interesting idea and something we encourage with our little one we just didn’t know there was a challenge like this. Glad I found it.

Be Active with Your Kids by @BarbHoyer I liked this post straight away because it began with the line

I thought I’d inspire us all to be active with our kids. After all, we’re their role models for a healthy lifestyle.

There are some great and simple ideas for simply being active as part of spending time with your kids. I can’t get enough of info like this.

Thursday favourite things

The thursday favorite things blog hop is hosted by @GoAskKatie @mamastreasures @iamsheilaj @over50feeling40

For this link up I shared Parent workouts: Cats the musical because it is my highlight for January.

I matter, over 50 and beyond by @over50feeling40  is a review of  Anne Reizer’s new book, Beautiful Encore: Makeovers for Mature Women and a lesson in confidence. I like the theme that you should never stop investing in yourself, that implies you’ve stopped believing in yourself.

Linzer Cookies by @butterbasilandb is just the simplest recipe that looks really fun to do with mini dude. I already have the ingredients which is key for me even trying.



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